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"The Longest Running Show on the Sun Coast 13 years on St. Pete Beach"

Can Two People do impression of over 30 different characters? The answer is yes, and amazingly  well. This show was voted the number one show on the Sun coast for 13 years in a row. This in the finest impersonator show ever. Ruby Tuesday and Keith Coleman are possibly the best impersonators working today.

 Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Bette Midler, Liza, Barbara, Judy, Reba, Carol Channing, Patsy Cline, Tom Jones, Elvis, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Englebert, Frank Sanatra, Louie Armstrong, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, and Little Richard  are just a few of the stars you'll see at Keith Coleman and Ruby Tuesday's Las Vegas Revue Show. They pull out all the stops in this hour and a half extravaganza of light and sound that will leave even the biggest skeptic begging for more.

 Keith and Ruby have toured extensively in the United States and Europe. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Palm Beach, Chicago, New York, Rome, Paris, and Venice are only a few of the city's in which they have performed. see the video

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